Another way for students to practice their multiplication facts is by using Fill-In Multiplication Charts (see links below).  Before a student chooses one of the three levels of practice sheets, he or she should practice filling in the blank multiplication chart.  In class, I give the students three minutes to complete as much of the chart as possible.  When they are done, I give them these suggestions:

- Circle the blank spots on the chart.  Spend extra time practicing these facts.  Check to make sure your other answers are correct- spend time reviewing these facts so you remember them.

- Fill in the rest of the chart- you can use a calculator to enter the fact and see the answer, but don't use an actual multiplication chart for the answers.  Copying the answers from it won't help unless you say each fact before you write it.

- Once your chart is filled, use it for studying.  Look for patterns to help you memorize it.  Study each row and make a goal to be able to repeat each row individually (the 7's row would be saying 7,14,21,28,35,42,49,56,63).  Count the multiples on your fingers as you say the row.

The three levels of practice sheets that I use for this activity can be downloaded below. 

Level A (Blank Multiplication Chart):  Use this sheet if you complete less than half of the multiplication chart during the three minutes.  This sheet is the same as the blank multiplication chart you used for the time test- keep practicing by doing the above steps.

Level B: Use this sheet if you can finish over half of the multiplication chart during the three minutes.  Instead of the numbers at the top of the chart going in order from 1-9, this sheet mixes the numbers.

Level C:  Use this sheet if you completed the multiplication chart within the three minutes, or if you had less than ten more to do when the time expired.  On this sheet, YOU will decide how to arrange the numbers from 1-9 on the top and side before you complete it.

completed multiplication chart is available here:

Multiplication Chart
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