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Heidi Dorner
 Phone: (920) 894-2263
Fax: (920) 894-5101
 210 Raider Heights
Kiel, WI 53042







Katrina Pionek
Local Mentor/Teacher
Phone: (920) 827-6727
Fax: (920) 894-5100
416 Paine St
PO Box 201
Kiel, WI 53042




Kiel eSchool Mission

"All Kiel eSchool students will be provided an environment that promotes their social, emotional, academic, and vocational growth and development in a nontraditional school setting. The Kiel eSchool will: foster a safe, caring environment that accepts and encourages diversity; nurture personal growth through increased self-awareness, individual responsibility, and healthy risk-taking; maintain a learning environment characterized by academic achievement; encourage students based on their needs and life-long interests; strengthen school, community, and family partnerships; and, contribute to the community through developing a well-trained work force."


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