Welcome to Kiel eSchool


Welcome to the Kiel eSchool! 

The Kiel eSchool serves students in grades 7-12. Kiel eSchool provides additional/alternative learning opportunities for students whose educational needs may be better met, in whole or in part, outside the traditional school setting. Students who are home-schooled, credit deficient, homebound, expelled or being considered for expulsion, school age parents, gifted, drop outs, have health problems or schedule conflicts can all benefit from the flexibility of taking courses that are available year round – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our students can access Internet courses with the assistance of an online teacher/facilitator, a Local Mentor/Teacher and a Personal/Family Coach. PACE charts are also developed for each student for each course. Students can participate in online classes in their own homes or in a school computer lab.

Our course offerings primarily include courses required for high school graduation and eighth grade core subject areas (math, science, language arts, and socialstudies). In 2007 The Wisconsin eSchool Network was created by Appleton eSchool and Kiel eSchool. Schools part of the Wisconsin eSchool Network share curriculum, teachers, and resources. As the Wisconsin eSchool Network continues to grow and more partnerships develop, more courses and resources become available.

Our online application is available on our website. Students can fill it out and submit the course request form to the Kiel Middle or High School guidance office. Students outside of Kiel Area School District can apply for Open Enrollment through the Department of Instruction at http://oe.dpi.wi.gov/.  Students outside of the Kiel Area School District can also take courses on a part time basis and are asked to have their resident school district fill out an Out of District Enrollment Form stating they will pay the course fee for each semester course enrollment.

We have rolling enrollment, so students can enter our locally taught courses at any time.



Kiel eSchool Mission

"All Kiel eSchool students will be provided an environment that promotes their social, emotional, academic, and vocational growth and development in a nontraditional school setting. The Kiel eSchool will: foster a safe, caring environment that accepts and encourages diversity; nurture personal growth through increased self-awareness, individual responsibility, and healthy risk-taking; maintain a learning environment characterized by academic achievement; encourage students based on their needs and life-long interests; strengthen school, community, and family partnerships; and, contribute to the community through developing a well-trained work force."


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