Listed below are the grants that the Kiel eSchool has been awarded:

December 2001 - Submitted Charter School Planning Grant

February 2002 - Awarded $10,000 Charter School Planning Grant for Staff Development

March 2002 - Awarded $40,000 additional Charter School Planning Grant for staff development

June 10, 2002 - Officially Chartered

2002-2003 - School officially opens with $150,000 Initial Implementaiton Grant funds

2003-2004 - $200,000 Implementaiton Renewal Grant

2004-2005 - Funded by local dollars

2006 - $150,000 Charter School Dissemination Grant

2007 - $150,000 Charter School Dissemination Renewal Grant

Purpose of Dissemination Grants was to showcase our successful schools, best practices, and provide valuable information and support for other charter school organizers.


Click on the images below to see more information on national technology awards that the Kiel Area School District received. Kiel eSchool helped to win these awards.





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