Welcome to the Kiel Area School District

A Message from the District Administrator


Welcome to the Kiel Area School District!  It is my honor to serve as the District Administrator of this great educational system.

Throughout the website you will find calendar events, school board information and district and school news.  You will also enjoy the photographs of our talented youth engaged in many activities that occur throughout the school year.  Please take the time to visit our newly updated website and become familiar with the multitude of opportunities we provide our students and families.
The Kiel Area School District is dedicated to finding the specific learning needs of each student.  We have outstanding teachers, support staff and administrators that are committed to building relationships with the goal of connecting with every student on a personal level.  As educational professionals, we understand that in order to engage children in learning we must develop relationships of respect and trust.

I am proud of the culture of learning we have embraced in the Kiel Area School District.  We have high expectations for ourselves and our students.  When high expectations are modeled the children rise to meet that high level of learning. We offer a comprehensive program from four year old kindergarten through grade twelve. Our state assessment scores are one of the top in the conference, and we are continually finding new ways to improve. The Board of Education has adopted a Strategic Plan that focuses on a personalized learning environment with on-going efforts to strengthen our communication with parents and the community.  In addition, our co-curricular program offers several athletic, club and fine arts experiences. As personalized as the academics, we focus on students getting involved and finding areas of strength and enjoyment outside of the instructional day.  We know that this learning is just as important to developing our youth and helping them to find their chosen work, college, military or career pathway.

We are fortunate to have tremendous support of our businesses with our Career and Technical Program and Youth Apprenticeship Program.  Our Parent and Teacher Partnerships at the elementary and middle schools, involve the parents/guardians in all aspects of their child’s learning experience. We know we are stronger because of the support we receive from the families and community outside the four walls of the school building.

If you are new to the area please stop by to visit and talk with me or any administrator at the elementary, middle school or high school to see for yourself all that the Kiel Area School District has to offer. 

The Kiel Community is a wonderful place to raise your children.  We are the “
Little Community that Does Big Things” and our school district is a significant part of the “big things” Kiel does well.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kiel Area School District is to provide an opportunity for each student to receive a comprehensive, personal, future-focused education in a safe, supportive environment for the purpose of achieving excellence in their life-long pursuits, through a partnership of family, school, and community.

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